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Personal Web Storage

Web Hosting

All JEFFNET users can create a website and store it for free on JEFFNET’s server. You are allowed up to 100 megabytes of data. (Most ISP’s give you only 5 megabytes, so you should have plenty of space.)

First thing you need to do is design your site. It can be simply a picture or a larger site. There are many books available as well as resources on the web to help you build a website.

Once you have designed your site, here are instructions for putting it on your own personal website as well as information on a hosted domain website. (A hosted domain is a site with a registered name, such as www.npr.com.)

Getting an FTP program

Your first step is to acquire an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. FTP programs can be found almost anywhere. One we recommend is called CuteFTP. You can download it from http://www.download.com. (Find it by typing cuteftp into the search box provided on their site.)

Connecting to Your Website Using an FTP Program

For Personal Websites

  Hostname             ftp.jeffnet.org

Username             This is your JEFFNET email address. If your e-mail address is john@jeffnet.org, john@jeffnet.org is your username.

Password             This is your JEFFNET password. (If you have forgotten it, you can call our office at 866-533-3638 or e-mail us at support@jeffnet.org.)

Host Type             Either leave on Automatic, or select Unix.

Remote Host Directory             WWW/

For Domain Hosted Customers

  Hostname            Enter the domain you for which you registered.  For instance: “mydomain.com.”

Username            This is the username associated with your domain.

Password             This is the password associated with your domain.

Host Type             Either leave on Automatic, or select Unix.

Remote Host Directory            This should be left blank or have a single slash "/"

Once the appropriate settings have been entered into the FTP client program, you can connect to your website on the JEFFNET server.

After connecting you should see a listing of files on your computer, and a listing of files on JEFFNET’s server. Unless you have previously uploaded pages, the server will either be blank or include a file called index.html.

Be sure to upload all your files into the remote host directory folder (noted above). It is first recommended that you replace the default index.html page with one of your own. When you replace the page, be sure to rename it as index.html. The index.html page is the first file loaded when somebody visits your page. You will not be able to view your website unless there is an index.html page located in the remote host directory folder.

To upload files, you can drag and drop files onto the server side of the listing and they will be uploaded. (Most ftp programs support drag and drop.)

Viewing your Website 

Domain-hosted customers

To access a domain-hosted website after uploading pages, simply point your browser at http://www.domainname.com. (Replace domainname with the your domain name.)  

Personal Webspace

You can point your web browser at http://www.jeffnet.org/~username. (Replace “username” with your username.)

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